Paul Grant

Paul Grant is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Modern Energy Coach & Energy Dating Coach in Bettystown, Co. Meath, Ireland
Paul Grant


Paul has been working in the holistic field for over 15 years. He is also qualified in and a practitioner/Instructor in:

  • Angel Healing (IET)
  • Infinite Tai Chi
  • Infinite Qi gong
  • Taoist Tai Chi
  • Taoist Qi gong

Paul's story

After recovering from a life threatening illness in his teens, Paul became interested in living a heathier lifestyle. Exploring nutrition and exercise, he felt drawn to eastern philosophy and the idea of bringing balance and harmony into every area of one's life. Taoist philosophy resonated deeply with Paul, with it's practical approach to to health, nutrition, exercise, and spirituality. Through this interest Paul discovered Tai Chi which has become his first love and favourite form of exercise. Developing into a lifelong passion, for each time you practice is like a voyage of discovery into yourself, and integrating mind, body, and spirit.

Taking responsibility for his own health and wellbeing lead Paul to want to help others to improve their wellbeing. Starting out by qualifying in the physical therapy of massage and stress management to help bring people relief from the stress and strain of their lives. Paul then discovered Reiki and was drawn to work more with energy. Then was inspired to share his first love of tai chi and it's benefits with people, by becoming a teacher. Qualifying as an Infinite Tai Chi Instructor in 2002, and working as an assistant instructor on the teacher training course for several years.

After that Paul became passionate about energy medicine and energy practices, training in Taoist Qi gong and Tai Chi, and Meditation, in Ireland and the U.K. And practicing Taoist Internal Alchemy. After that Paul was introduced to Integrated Energy Therapy, which involves working with the healing Angels in a beautiful hands on healing.

In the following year Paul suffered significent hearing loss. The severity of the loss affected his work and as a result Paul's confidence plummeted and he had to stop working. He struggled with depression for several years. Not wanting to go the route of taking anti-depressants, Paul chose to use his knowledge and skills as a holistic practitioner to lift himself out of depression.

Gradually he was able to raise his energy and start to put his life back on track. But he still found his confidence was low. Trying everything he could think of to build his confidence, but achieving only temporary phases of success. Paul felt there was something missing from his understanding. So he read about psychology looking for answers, finding only vague and confusing explanations and theories, and uninspiring techniques.

Then one day while browsing in a bookshop, Paul was drawn to a bookshelf and a particular book. Flicking through it he was fascinated by the description of something he had never before heard of. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Buying the book and sitting down to have a go at this tapping thing, Paul was blown away by how quickly the technique made him feel better. After working with the book for a few days, Paul believed he had found the missing piece. This amazing and simple technique that can transform emotions from past traumas.

After these initial experiences with EFT, Paul researched more about it online and discovered more books about the technique. Immediately he was drawn to Silvia Hartmanns book Energy EFT, and bought the kindle version after reading the introduction. Loving this purely energetic approach. Inspired by what he read, and how Energy EFT worked even quicker to raise his energy and boost his confidence to an all new high. Paul went and trained in Energy EFT and Meridian Energy Techniques with the amazing Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning, in Dublin. And over the last few years has been able to help both himself and many people to improve their energy flow and wellbeing.

Paul continues to learn and grow as a Modern Energist and loves sharing these beautiful and effective techniques with others through talks and workshops.


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